Every Day

What’s an Every Day Page?

An everyday page is like the tactics to the strategy, as the soldier to the major, as the trainee to the senior. It’s about the actual things you have and want to do in your everyday life, in order to reach the goals you’ve mentioned in your Now Page. The main idea is to have a stronger impact on your everyday life by doing what’s necessary every day.

It’s closely related to James Clears “Tiny Habits”, as you could define all of the tasks in your everyday page as “daily habits”.

How is it different from a Now Page?

“A Now page is a place on someone’s website where they list their long-term goals and tasks. It’s like a public declaration of your priorities. A small place online to remind yourself what you need to do and towards where you need to focus your efforts. It’s the perfect place when you’re feeling unfocused, confused, lost.” You can find more Info on Derek Siver’s Website.


My Every Day tasks

  • take care of my physical health: 10min of Wim Hof breathing, and either doing 30min of exercise or stretching. every day. In addition, hitting the gym twice (2x) a week.
  • take care of my mental health: writing in my 5minute gratitude journal, reflecting on my current situation in my journaling app, and keeping my meditation practice. every day.
  • progress on my financial independence: edit, write, or publish (cms-work) an article on this blog for 30min. every day.
  • organize & structure myself: checking in on my goals, appointments, travels after breakfast. To get an overview and to be able to plan ahead instead of being overwhelmed.
  • grow and learn consistently: read at least 20 pages in a book every day.

*Last Updated 18.09.2020

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