This year, I’m working on creating more structure, reducing the projects I work on simultaneously, and establishing more healthy routines.

I’ve been working on too many projects simoultaneously and have prolongued tasks over weeks that could have been done in a fast sprint. It’s all about planning, learning to say no and deciding on my priorities.

Rule #0

My health is my absolute priority. No appointment, deadline, or task will be important enough to compromise my health.

Rule #1

I spend more time producing content than consuming it.

Rule #2

I do the most important task first (Ivy Lee Method)

Rule #3

My family and friends are more important than work. I plan my leisure life before I plan out my work life.

Rule #4

I own nothing. Everything can and will be taken away from me.

Rule #5

Experiences and Memories are more important than things. I seek moments instead of commidities.

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