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You learn to swim by jumping into the water and swimming, not by sitting in a classroom studying aquadynamic-theory.

Jed Mckena

Doism is the belief that doing is everything.

Most people just talk.

Some read.

Very few do.

Every Thursday, I send out my Doism-Newsletter with 5 articles or tools from myself and others, to help you achieve what you have long intended.

Instead of giving you more of What-ism = more stuff to read and digest, I hand you tools and action-guides developed by myself or others = Do-ism. Because it’s time to stop reading (so much) and start doing (much more).

Hands-down, probably the most execution-based newsletter on the web

Tom Lickert

Of course I’ll occasionally include stuff to think about, but mainly I’ll hand you tools that might fit your type or situation. Personally, I find the web to be overcrowded with content.

Most people use reading as a way of procrastination. I did, in the past. So join me to stop procrastinating and get going with the tools and guidance you need.

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