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Bernard Zitzer Lifestyle Designer Portrait
Who’s Behind This?

Hi, I’m Bernard Zitzer

I’m a curious mind, entrepreneur, lifestyle designer, and search marketer living in Berlin, Germany. I’m passionate about sharing how to life a fulfilled and productive life as an online-entrepreneur and connecting with like-minded people.

My experiences so far

I struggled with Coffein-, Sugar- and Internet-Addiction for while, but overcame all three of them.

Self-Reflection through Journaling, Habit Building using custom-developed Tools, and crafting a positive Mindset are skills I strongly advocate.

Friends often call me “the Optimizer”, because that’s what I’m best at, making things better than they currently are. Other topics include Time Perception. Starting a side-hustle. SEO & Websites. True Wealth.

Co-Founded and sold two five-figure Lifestyle Brands 💰

Do you remember the time when Instagram was still called “Foodstagram”? When the American Lifesetyle Wave swapped over from the US to Europe, a friend and I founded an eCommerce Business selling American Mason Jars that weren’t previously avaialable but in high-demand, here in Germany.

Through SEO we grew to become one of Germany’s major importers, being featured in various lifestyle publications. We eventually sold the brand for 5-figures. Surprisingly, until now the shop ranks #1 or #2 for the Query“Mason Jars” here in Germany.

Traveled the world as a Digital Nomad 🌍

I quit my job at a renowned Online Marketing Agency in Cologne to travel the world as a Digital Nomad. Working a regular 9-5 job felt like I was missing out on life. As if time had speed up and weeks, no months, were running through my fingers in an instant.

As a digital nomad, I experienced the true value of time perception, fun, play, and adventure. I’ve met beautiful people from all over the world and made connections for life. But I also got to know the downsides of being a digital nomad, which eventually made me move to Berlin.

Run a six-figure SEO & Content Marketing Consultancy 📈

I consult a small number of high-revenue clients on Search Experience Optimization and Content Strategy.

Over the course of working together, they all have achieved market leadership in Google. Oftentimes quadrupling their traffic.

You can find out more either on my professional website bernard.digital or on my agency site pulll.

Founded first Company age 22, Self Employed since 26 👨🏻‍💻

Being self-employed isn’t easy.

You can do anything, at any time, wherever and whenever you want. There are no rules, no barriers but your own. And creating your own rules, while seeking freedom, is the ultimate struggle as an entrepreneur.

Through trial and error, hard-earned experience, and never-ending curiosity, I’ve developed systems and processes that make life (as a self-employed) so much easier.

Addicted to Progress and Success Systems 🚀

As an Optimizer, I do not stop at Websites or Search Engines.

My whole life is a work in progress and I’ve been able to unlock a few treasures of personal development and lifestyle design I’m happy to share on this Website and in my #Doism-Newsletter.

Found calmness and confidence in Minimalism ⚪

Before, I often sought what I didn’t have. Compared my self with others, be it in Fashion, Interior, Social Status, and all kinds of Materialistic Wealth.

The art of Minimalism can be applied to all Pillars of Life. I live a different life now. A better life. And it’s not just by wearing the same colors and clothes every day.

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