Business Model You Personal Business Model Canvas PDFBusiness Model You Personal Canvas PDF Template Printable

"It's the business model canvas for your personal career."


The book is for anyone who's keen to rethink how they work. It's especially helpful for people like me, who've long lacked a logical way to conceptually frame their careers. - Tim Clark



Weekly Review Template Weekly Reflection PDF PrintableWeekly Reflection Wochenplanung Wochenreflexion

Weekly Review


"Change comes from reflection." - Genesis P-Orridge


In order to move forward, you must look back every once in a while. If not used daily, I suggest doing the weekly review. Reflect on what's been good, what's been bad, and how to improve next week. You'll be surprised how much this simple task can affect your life. 


Print it out and use it as often as you like. 


Distraction Tracker PDF Template to Print

"Distractions aren't necessarily your fault, but managing them is your responsibility." - Nir Eyal


The best solution to distractions is awareness. More often than not the distraction is just a trigger that enables you to escape from bad feelings. You pick up your phone because you're bored. You send a whats-app-message to a friend because you feel alone, you check your E-Mails to escape from the unpleasant task at hand. 


The distraction tracker helps you manage your distraction to tackle them one by one. 



Learn how to develop good and break bad ones


Life is confusing. #Doism helps you find clarity.


Find structure for your mind, day and habits

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