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“I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.” – Orhan Pamuk


It’s great to have a reading list at hand to plan your reading habits in advance, get an overview of what’s to come, where you’re currently at, and write down the main takeaways. There may be many other reasons for having a book list, so feel free to cross out a title and add your own.



Time needed: 5 minutes

Suggested steps to take in order to make full use of this reading list template.

  1. Step: Write down all the books you want to read by priority

    “Where attention goes, energy flows.” You will become what you focus on. So sit down, think about your future identity and make decisions that feel right and will make you progress on things that are important to you.

  2. Step: Fill in the time scope in the upper right

    It may be a year, a quarter or even a month, depending on the speed and volume you like to read.

  3. Step: Write down the date once you’ve started a new book

    It’s the necessary step to later draw conclusions from the time it took you to read.

  4. Step: Make sure to keep the Template easily accessible

    Otherwise you will have difficulties using it to your advance. Make sure you know where it is to be able to update the contents of it.

  5. Step: Indicate when you’ve finished reading a book

    Get an idea how long it takes you to read the book. It will help you determine weather it was easily to digest or if you’re content with your progress.

  6. Step: Write down notes to remember the essence of the book

    They will helpful when time has passed and you want to get the main points at a glance.

  7. Step: Rate the book from 1-5

    It will give you an idea if you want to read more from the author or about the category it belongs to.

1 review for Reading List

  1. John

    Great Book Reading List! I was searching the internet for one that didn’t look terrible, so I wouldn’t be ashamed to hang it at the wall in my office. Bernard’s is my favorite so far. I miss a Genre-Category but I guess that wouldn’t fit in anymore. So yeah, thanks!

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