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“Distractions aren’t necessarily your fault, but managing them is your responsibility.” – Nir Eyal


The best solution to distractions is awareness. More often than not the distraction is just a trigger that enables you to escape from bad feelings. You pick up your phone because you’re bored. You send a whats-app-message to a friend because you feel alone, you check your E-Mails to escape from the unpleasant task at hand. 


The distraction tracker helps you manage your distraction to tackle them one by one. 



The most important features:

  • keep track of the time, to know when distraction occurs most often
  • write down the distraction, to know what is distracting you
  • what were you feeling when you gave in to the distraction?
  • indicate whether it was an internal or external distraction
  • right away, think about ideas on how to change things in the future
  • how important is solving that distraction to you?

Print out the distraction tracker as often as needed. I suggest placing it on your desk or wherever most distractions occur. It’s important to have it handy.

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3 reviews for Distraction Tracker

  1. John

    Love it!

  2. Pauline

    Thank you, Bernard! I actually like it even bit better than Nir Eyal’s. It just looks like something I would look at my desk with more joy.



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