The Endless Ideas Playlist – My solution to having too many Ideas

Can ideas become a burden? It often feels that way to me.

I’m constantly pregnant with 20+ different ideas, and I’d like to make all of them a reality. However, I neither have the resources nor the energy to bring all of them to life.

It took me quite a while to accept that fact.

It created a struggle, a frustration, a pain I haven’t found a solution for.

Until now.

The endless ideas playlist is that solution.

Endless Ideas Playlist

The Endless Ideas Playlist - The solution to having too many ideas [Concept]

It enables me to publish my ideas. To do my part in bringing them to life.

While at the same time allocating my resources to focus only on the most important ones.

Whoever is interested in realizing my ideas, is free to do so. I took part in its birth and you took part in its growth. All I’d like to ask you is to credit me for it.

I consider this a win-win.

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